Hexagon Alkaline Water Filter System 2

by admin on February 13, 2012


If you are looking for quality water filter system 2 in Singapore.
Now S$450 Nett

Please call Mr Wong  at 

+65 98583241


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1. Made in Korea  [ size: 280mm (w) x 325mm (H) x 145mm (L)]. Code 48121

2. Antioxidant Alkaline Water direct from the Tap.

3. Low cost. Normal price $695,

Now S$450 Nett (Free Delivery And Installation in Singapore)

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Self installation and simple cleaning steps

Filter Cost And Replacement Frequency

Benefit of Alkaline Water

In Singapore many people are wondering what is alkaline water and the benefit of drinking it. This is a common concern among many men and women who must have noticed how effective this kind of water gives it advantages. From the name of this water, we know that it is the reverse of acidic. In the normal pH level, you will observe it is resting on the primary side. Water alkalinity can vary, it all depend on where about this water came from or how it was refined to become alkaline. No matter, it is considered to provide numerous wellness benefits, establish with maintaining a balance of acid level in the body is very important.

There are a variety of examination and proven benefits as to how effective alkaline water can be. Let take a closer look at these benefits and determine whether or not it will actually be helpful for your total health.

Many foods commonly available are often acidic or have a higher level of acid than our body could naturally accept. On the other hand, there are people who normally generate more body acids, especially gastric acids, and many others. This problem is further induced by the intake of acidic foods. Hyper-acidity will trigger a range of intestinal issues, from basic indigestion or flatulence and grow to a more severe disease. Hyper-acidity come to be a trigger for alert when it already gets so serious that the person can no longer consume his meals well and digest it, unable or have difficulty to absorb nutrients and vitamins efficiently — and this is just one of the several examples in which hyper-acidity could be terrifying and worrying.

Beverages that have great pH level have the power to reduce the effects of the acids in our body system. The eating habits and life-style alternatives of most people today make their body more acidic. Acidosis happens when the body’s pH balance is down. This is a influencing element to conditions like chronic fatigue, arthritis and cancer. We know that water can be ionized to maximize its pH level. With this method, it is healthier to drink, due to the fact it neutralizes acids in our body. Tap water or bottled distilled fluids do not provide this type of benefit.

The consumption of alkaline water enables the body’s pH levels at suitable ranges. The pH level must always be maintained at standard levels and to do this, our body system would generally do its element to attempt to hold on to that level. Nevertheless, as your body is trying to do this adjustment, tissues and organs in our body can be damaged as the body exhausts itself in the process. The consumption of this kind of water can then assist the body maintain the stability without over-exerting effort.
Our body is built up mainly of water and we must drink plenty of water to replenishing your body needs. While doing it, remember to replenish it with quality and more importantly, the quantity. It is highly recommended to make some investment into improving your health by getting a alkaline water filter system. Start consuming alkaline water today will allow your body to have a well balance PH level.

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